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Ugandas’ secret for beautiful skin at any age: Nilotica shea butter!

Made to care for you AND for her future, Nilotica shea butter is truly good skincare.

Pure, soft and smooth Nilotica shea butter.

Our Nilotica shea butter is perfect for you when..

  • You are desperate for a natural solution for your skin

    You’re frustrated because you have been looking for a product to take care of your skin for ages and are fed up with all the artificial products that don’t work, and you can’t find anything that is actually natural and actually works.

  • You love the products you make but question your ingredients

    You’re tired because you love making personal care products with the best ingredients on the market, but you don’t know what to believe about where they come from and how they are made.

  • You don’t know which supplier to trust

    You want to bring the very best unique and natural ingredients to your customers from across the world, but you have been disappointed again and again by suppliers.



Caïos’ Nilotica shea butter is made through good business. Good for everyone involved, and good for the planet.


Made by cold-pressing the Nilotica shea nuts, our Nilotica shea butter is 100% pure and natural.


The nuts are gathered from the Nilotica trees that grow in the wild, without harming the trees.

Ethically Sourced

We pay fair prices to our women suppliers and help them to change their lives with hands-on training.

Pure, Natural and Effective

Grown by nature and made with care. Naturally full of goodness, Nilotica is a clinically proven skin- and hair superfood


Ways to use it

Versatile and multipurpose there are countless ways that you can use Nilotica shea butter.


What our Customers say about Nilotica shea butter

After a lot of searching I landed on Nilotica. Now it is a my secret ingredient that I use in almost all my products.

Helle, Product formulator, Denmark

My whole family uses Nilotica for everything. In fact we use it soo much, a 500g jar lasts only about 4 weeks. And knowing it empowers women up North and that it is natural.. It just makes me happy :).

Brenda, Uganda

When customers ask me to recommend ingredients, Nilotica is almost always on the list. It is clean, pure and effective so it helps my clients create products that meet customer demands.

Kim, Product expert, Netherlands

Before I used Nilotica I was worried about all the ingredients in the skincare products for my kids. Now with Nilotica I have peace of mind that I am giving them the best.

Angela, Mother of 2, United Kingdom

My skin is sensitive and I couldn’t find a good cream that worked. Pure Nilotica is now all I need to keep my skin healthy. I even carry it to the gym!

Brian, Uganda

I love smearing myself with Nilotica shea butter every morning and evening. (she even uses it on her dolls when she gets the chance – Mom)

Leanorah, 3 years old, The Netherlands

It is soft and smooth it is the perfect base for my products. I started my company to make really good products. So Caios’ Nilotica fits into my philosophy in every way. Love it!

Alli, Product formulator, United States

My OBG recommended it to keep my growing belly smooth and beautiful when I was pregnant with my first daughter. Even after 4 babies I am proud to say that I don’t have a single stretch mark!

Immaculate, Mother of 4, Uganda

When I was told it was so good you can eat it I just had to try it on toast. And it was fine! I won’t say it was delicious, but simply knowing that it is so healthy makes me happy to use it on my little boy.

Dawn, Scotland

A unique, new experience

Nilotica shea butter is naturally smooth, creamy and luxurious. Distinctly different from West African shea butter due to its higher oil content, it is an entirely different product.

  • Buttery soft at room temperature

  • Ivory yellow color, with a subtle sweet chocolatey scent

  • Melts into a luxurious golden oil upon touch

Changing lives

Nilotica provides income and empowerment opportunities to our women suppliers in Northern Uganda and helps people across the world heal and nourish their skin and hair. Everybody wins. THAT is good skincare.

  • Creating income and empowerment for 1.000+ suppliers

  • The natural way to help heal eczema, scars and stretch marks

  • Recommended by Medical doctors

Suppliers with Nilotica shea butter bucket

Rare and Natural

Our Nilotica is made by cold-pressing the nuts from centuries old Nilotica trees that grown only in Northern Uganda and South Sudan. There are no chemicals or preservatives used at any point during production.

  • Regular shea trees are spread widely, Nilotica trees are rare.

  • The nuts are gathered by hand from the forest floor.

  • Nilotica trees are now treasured and protected.

Unshelled Nilotica shea nuts closeup

Lead the Natural skincare revolution

Thanks to our close relationship with our suppliers, our own production facility in Uganda, and our dedicated international team we are able to supply any quantity of high quality Nilotica you may need.

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